What do you need to start an on the internet clothing store?

Query by mltnjnyll: What do you want to start an online clothing store?
I reside in the state of Michigan and want to begin a womens on the internet clothing store in which I get an site produced below a identify of my choosen and get clothes wholesale and sale them. What variety of licenses or permits do I require?
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Answer by Tiffany
Check with your State. They should have a website and all the solutions you need to have. Considering that you are on-line, I am not sure you need to have something but an EIN quantity, a company lender account and possibly incorporate it, if you wanna go that considerably. If you get an EIN you will have to shell out taxes for your business. Retail taxes, considering that you will be working from home i doubt they will make you shell out commercial taxes, but again verify with the IRS. Generally when you use for a amount they enable you know

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