What do I need to commence an on the internet clothing store?

Problem by ferfer911: What do I want to start an on the internet clothing store?
I am intrigued in commencing a moreover-sized clothing store. I don’t have significantly beginning income, so I’ve decided to go the on the internet route in offering my merchandise. I program to design and make my very own garments, and just before I even create my own internet site I plan to promote them on eBay, mostly to test the waters and see if anyone would purchase them at all (furthermore this would give me the opportunity to make a decision on how significantly to promote them at and how I would pimp/marketplace/describe them).

I know what I would need to have to make them, this sort of as a sewing device, reducing machine, and a press. I also have an thought of what kind of cloth I would be operating with and who I would be buying from. I strategy to use paypal to course of action funds coming in and use UPS for shipping.

I also know that with a bodily shop I would want a vendor’s license and a number of other documents, but what form of documentation would I want, if any, for a virtual retailer? If anyone has ideas or tips or to discuss, please pass it alongside and thanks in advance.

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