What are very good techniques to advertise a clothing store?

Question by Juice Johnson: What are good techniques to advertise a clothing store?
I perform in a clothing store and I want to urge individuals to shop there. I’m in large university and I’m not spending for any advertising and marketing. Help.

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Solution by Jen Wiss
Hello there,

How about persuading the keep to hold a specific night marketing celebration just for pupils? You can promote the function all around your college making use of some basic posters which never want to cost a whole lot to put collectively (get authorization initial). You are going to get a better flip out if you can get the store to agree to offer a student lower price that evening.

To get much more men and women on board you could hold a little competition for men and women at your school to design a poster and/or occur up with tips for the occasion. If your college has an IT/graphics/design department, the school might even concur to help you advertise it as it truly is a excellent sensible exercising for the students. The prize, that their poster is employed, and you can ask the shop to fund a thing like a clothes voucher.

Hope that is beneficial.

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