I want to open a clothing store-how should I start?

Problem by endlessrambles: I want to open a clothing store-how really should I commence?
I want to open a clothing store in the close to potential. I have a number of questions.
-How much does it expense to open up a clothing store.
-Where can I locate a reputable garments wholesale supplier
-What are the plan and principles on marketing identify brand clothing in your keep. How does this operate

Any guidance on opening a clothing store?

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Reply by Deus
You can do it right.. or by means of on the web..

1- You must have the yellow pages as wholesaler for your item with phone amount..
– business cards and you have to go around your region, etc.. companies, and begin make some homework..
– satisfy nearby companies, and attempt to locate their requirements, and offer you them your merchandise, and see how , why, and when they will be in a position to begin purchasing from you..
– gradual methods, but continual, you have to gain their rely on .

two.You can go to this website initial ,


There are some distinct categories of each and every types of suppliers and a looking bar ,you can enter the product and the region then you can get a listing of suppliers in your spot.You can also go to some related type web sites ,Craigslist ,kijiji .

And I can provide you numerous garments wholesale web sites I frequently go to







three.As for the coverage I do not know evidently but you can google it or go to some message boards for particulars.

Hope it assisted.

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